Dr Craig Chalquist

Welcome to Enchantvale

Home of enchantivists, where dreaming together changes reality.

Why Enchantvale?

Tired of tossing your imaginings into the void? Or of seeing them dismissed? Maybe we’re your visionary kindred. Dream with us! 

All my work in depth psychology, ecopsychology, philosophy, mythology, storytelling, psychotherapy, and consulting has concentrated on two increasingly urgent questions: How might we learn from and move beyond our old guiding stories - about who we are, where we belong, what it's all about - to create new cycles of "keystone fictions" that move us into more just, equitable, and enjoyable possibilities for living together? How might we outgrow our insularity and rejoin the Great Conversation of all living things?

I've been particularly inspired by my work with leaders. Not only teachers, consultants, and influencers, but mentors preparing themselves for novel audiences they have not yet spoken to or for futures not yet arrived. The leader and mentor of tomorrow will need wisdom, insight, integrity, imagination, and emotional, social, and spiritual intelligence for telling through example the new kinds of stories we need for wise guidance. If you aspire to be such a leader, then you might find supportive learnings in Enchantvale. 

The just, delightful, and Earth-honoring society of mature human beings waiting up ahead will not be imposed by powerful elites, giant religions, vast armies, or financial empires. Lasting change grows from seeds planted and watered by imaginative, quiet people with no outward influence. My platform brings them together.

What's In Here

We offer the tools, ideas, practices, kinship, and “deep education” to bring what you offer into a waiting world. The good news is that you don’t have to be a hero, a celebrity, or a loud voice to be effective. Make your quiet count. We need community to get through what’s ahead and mature as a species, learn new skills, support each other, and transform. 

Here are some of the things you can do as a member of Enchantvale:

  • Engage with other visionaries and dreamers, strengthening your connections and expanding your network, via discussion posts, community gatherings, chats, videos, and various live events and meeting geographically local members. 
  • Hear uplifting news about how story, imagination, and play make real change in the world.
  • First Friday live meetings to discuss Enchantvale, enchantivism, and visionary work. 
  • Attend skill-building and problem-solving events on a variety of practical topics (e.g., promoting your work without having to promote yourself; public speaking; getting published; exploring the presence and history of where you live and work). 
  • Gain access to a Networking Circle for sharing what you offer and to the following Circles for discussion: Story, Folklore, and the Arts; Earth, Nature, and Place; Mentoring and Teaching; Soulful Livelihood; Healers' Circle; Governance and Nowtopia; Philosophy (Tier 2). 
  • Join a dream group (Tier 2) to discover the wisdom in your dreams, especially those that connect you with current events and deep historical structures of our time.
  • Access a wealth of inspirational, psychological, philosophical, and story-based resources, including video courses (Tier 2) and livestreams on personal and collective change.
  • Draw on your creativity to build out and enrich the hopeful fictional world of the Assembling Terrania Cycle while receiving first looks at new publications (Tier 2. 
  • Enjoy discounts on consulting services and teacher and mentorship trainings (Tier 3).
  • Collaborate on co-creating possibilities that can inspire and motivate individuals beyond your community, including weaving a worldwide network of enchantivists.

Meet the Host

Hear from Dr. Craig Chalquist, whose background includes psychotherapy, decades of teaching and administrating in higher education, publishing, and corporate consulting:  


Have a look inside our community:

What's next?

My fantasies for how Enchantvale might evolve include trips and other in-person events, mixed-reality meetings, a nonprofit enchantivism academy, and a worldwide enchantivist network. 

A world of our delight begins with relearning how to dream together. Let's try it.